Fremantle Rebels Softball Club

2018 – Fremantle Rebels Tournament Ground Rules

Two (2) points shall be awarded for a win.
One (1)point will be awarded to each team for a draw.
Zero (0) points shall be awarded for a loss.
Ladder position will be determined by total accumulated points. If required, then winner of head to head game, then runs for, then runs against, then toss of coin.

The team mentioned first in the fixtures is the ‘Home Team’, shall occupy the third (3rd) base dugout. Exception being a team that is playing back to back games on a diamond can choose to remain in the original dugout, whichever side that may be.

Game time will be one hour and 15 minutes or 7 innings, whichever comes first. Tie breaker allowed if time permits. ISF/ASF tie break rules to apply.

No new innings shall start if less than five (5) minutes remain to the scheduled completion finish time of the game. Once an inning is started, it must be completed. There is NO revert back.

No player can represent more than one team across the duration of the tournament

Run ahead rule applies: 15 runs after 3 innings, 10 runs after 4 innings, 7 runs after 5 innings.

Three (3) warm up pitches only are to be taken if a pitcher is relieved or changed within the last fifteen (15) minutes of the game.

Temporary Runner (speed up runner) MUST be used for the catcher after 2 outs. Runner shall be any eligible player off the bench. The temporary runner may not be one (1) of the next four (4) batters in the line-up.

A designated runner may be assigned at the beginning of the game. This player may come on to run once per innings for any member of the team occupying a base. This player may not take the field in another position.

Additional players can enter the game at any time, providing they are eligible to take the field.

Time lost through injury will not be made up.

Games shall be played as per the fixtures provided by Fremantle Rebels Softball Club (FRSC). In case of inclement weather or other unforeseen circumstances, FRSC may alter fixtures and game duration to suit completion of tournament.

Any Team who forfeits a tournament game will be immediately ruled ineligible to receive prize money.

Player must have played in 2 tournament game to qualify to play finals game

Protests will not be entered into, there is not enough time so the umpire’s decision will stand in all cases.

There is zero tolerance to umpire abuse. Any player ejected from a game is ineligible for the remainder of the tournament.

Individuals are responsible for ensuring that any equipment they are using has not been illegally altered or modified to increase performance

No BYO Alcohol to be brought to the grounds

Alcohol must be consumed in the licenced area, failure to do so will result in docking of points for the offending team. This includes supporters.

No smoking (including vaping) within 10 meters of the playing area or in the clubroom area

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