2018 Warren Curran Memorial – Ground Rules

1. Application of the Tiebreak Rule in the WCMTT

Starting with each inning, the offensive team begins the inning with the ninth hitter in the batting order placed on second base. According to ISF rules, “the player who is running can be substituted in accordance with the substitution rules.”

2. Game Information

Coaches meeting to occur at 7:00am on Saturday morning. All coaches should be in attendance.
All games will be played under Official Softball Playing Rules, unless stated below.
A coin toss will decide who bats first in each of the round robin games. Officials of the two named teams may take a coin toss at any time prior to the start of any game.

The highest placed team will choose who bats first in the elimination brackets. Where the bracket game has two evenly seeded teams the game decision will be decided by the flip of a coin.

All Round Robin games shall be a duration of 60 minutes. Should the scores differ by over 5 runs the game will be called on time in lieu of completing the innings.

Umpires will be keeping the time, with no new innings to start after 50 minutes play.

Elimination bracket games shall be a duration of 90 minutes. Should the scores differ by over 7 runs the game will be called on time in lieu of completing the innings.

Umpires will be keeping the time, with no new innings to start after 80 minutes play.

Time wasting or deliberate outs or any attempt at manipulating any given result or any action or events deemed to be against the spirit of the game and fair play will result in forfeiture of points for the team concerned and suspension for one game for the individual concerned.

No players over the age of 16 are permitted to play for more than 1 team during the tournament.

Players must play 1 game for a team to qualify for the Championship games.

All Grand Finals will be 90 minutes and the last innings will be played out.

All diamonds will be pitched off a mat, weather permitting.

There is a no tolerance policy for umpire abuse or harassment (or personal abuse or taunts).

Two points awarded to the winner of each game. 1 point to be split for a draw.

Game balls will be supplied for each game.

Run ahead rules will apply: – 12 runs after 3 innings, 10 runs after 4 innings and 7 runs after 5 innings.

DR is permitted for each game and may run once per innings.

Courtesy runners (without penalty) for catchers at all times but compulsory with two outs. The replacement runner can be any player from the bench and not within the next 6 batters except for the following two situations:
1 Down – next 5 batters
2 Down – next 4 batters

Standard game rules will apply – 5 warm up pitches in first inning and 3 pitches for every inning after that. Any returning/re-entered pitcher in the same innings will not be permitted warm-up pitches.

The umpire may decide to allocate three warm-up pitches at the resumption of play should weather conditions be a significant factor in determining continuity of any game.

Any game cancelled due to weather or ground conditions before 3 innings are completed, a draw will be declared and one point awarded to each team. If 3 innings completed the score at the last complete innings will be the final result.

In situations in which weather interferes with a game the result will be determined by the Tournament Committee.

All teams must start and finish with 8 players minimum.
Any forfeits will result in a loss recorded against the offending team and two points being awarded to the opposition team or the scheduled opposition team (as the case may be).

Ladder Positions will be determined by Head to Head in a result of a 3 way tie, then for/against percentage, second by the least offensive strike outs, third by the least defensive errors, and then by most defensive strikeouts. Thereafter a coin toss will take place if the two tied teams remain equal.

Any umpire abuse will result in immediate ejection from the game and, should the Umpire co-ordinator see fit a one game suspension (but not limited to players or officials only).

Team Placement

Pool allocations will be completed prior to the tournament starting.

Placements have been determined on your placement in the round robin and will be discussed further at the coaches meeting.

3. Purchase and Consumption of Alcohol

NB: Our liquor license will not be put at risk under any circumstances.

Therefore there will be absolutely no alcohol consumed outside of the licensed area whatsoever.

All alcohol to be consumed on site must be purchased from the Bayswater Morley Monarchs Softball Club.

Any person (player, official) breaking this rule will be asked to leave the facility and their club will forfeit all accumulated game points.

If an offense is discovered during finals, the offending club will be instantly penalized with a loss in that game and will result in exit from the tournament.

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