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2018 – Junior Steelers Squad Announced

Congratulations to those players announced in the 2018 Junior Steelers Squad. The squad is very solid and we wish them all the best.

2018 Australian Under 19 Men’s Squad

Josh Bond (NSW) Blake Jackson (NSW) Harrison Pudner (NSW)
Thomas Cass (NSW) Riley James (Qld) Layton Reid (Qld)
Jacob Donaldson (NSW) Bradley Kilpatrick (NSW) Keenan Smith (Qld)
Jarred Garland (NSW) Ryan King (NSW) Lachlan Spinelli (ACT)
Cooper Goodman (SA) Shaun Lanaghan (NSW) Dawson Summers (WA)
Joshua Harding (Qld) Michael Ludkin (Qld) Lincoln Walk (Qld)
Daniel Harrison (NSW) Andrew Meyer-Coyte (ACT) Jeremy Waters (Qld)
Matthew Harrow (ACT) Bolton Nussbaum (ACT) Cameron White (Qld)
Jaiden Holly (Qld) Klaas Pichelmann (ACT) Jett Wright (WA)
Jordan Howell (WA) Christopher Plain (NSW) Thomas Zeylemaker (NSW)

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